Gianfranco Borroni

Gianfranco BorroniDirector

Gianfranco Borroni has 30 years of experience in the telecommunication industry that includes planning, supervising and training, and developing and implementing methodologies to support company business plans.

He was part of the nation-wide committee that developed “The Common Language Locations Identification" codes, which brought all manual records into the computerized mode and which are presently used throughout the country. Mr. Borroni has extensive experience developing and testing computer programs dealing with the maintenance of the company records. He has coordinated the implementation of major releases and prepared and performed computerized statistical studies to determine their feasibility for companies.

Mr. Borroni has served on the U.S. Soccer Foundation's Grants Committee since 1994 and was appointed Chairman of the Committee in 2007. He is a Life Member of the U.S. Soccer Federation and has been a member of U.S. Soccer Foundation Board of Directors from 1993-2004 and 2006-present. He served as USASA Chairman from 1991-1998, USASA Regional Director from 1980-1991 and Ohio Soccer Association North - President 1978-1991.

Mr. Borroni resides in Moreland Hills, Ohio with his wife Elda. They have one child and one grandchild.



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