The Power of a Coach

by Elliot Howe | November 20, 2014


In third grade I met my new coach, Philip Gyau. That season, Coach Philip not only became my coach, he quickly became a mentor - someone I wanted to emulate in all aspects of life. Coach Philip taught me how to dribble with my right foot and he taught ...


November 2014 All-Star

by Nora Hall | November 14, 2014


As a Soccer for Success coach with the Houston Parks & Recreation Department, Oswaldo Gallegos knows a thing or two about the positive power of soccer. A lifelong player and fan, Oswaldo now shares the joys of the game with the community he knows and l...


Are You Somebody?

by Ed Foster-Simeon | November 12, 2014


A little boy asks a simple question that should challenge us all:

“Are you somebody?”

I didn’t really understand the question at first, which must have showed on my face. So, the little boy with the beat up soccer ball confidently asked again:

“Are ...


Heads Up

by Nancy Amestoy | November 5, 2014


I recently heard a statistic that people spend an average of 86% of their free time on their phones. I think about this when I watch people walk straight into one another on the sidewalk, eyes glued to their screens. It’s no secret that as a culture we...

Earlier this month, I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a week in San Francisco, CA to attend DreamForce, a large conference hosted by SalesForce. Though the conference was primarily about using technology to enhance organizational reach and effic...

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