A Catalyst for Change

by Lawrence Cann | October 22, 2014


Lawrence Cann is the Founder and CEO of Street Soccer USA. In June 2014, Street Soccer USA and the U.S. Soccer Foundation unveiled a new Sport Court mini pitch at HELP USA's East New York location in Brooklyn, NY.

The U.S. Soccer Foundation met an urgen...

This month, we're kicking off a new series that will highlight the incredible coaches, participants, donors, and supporters who help make our programs truly amazing. We're calling these individuals "U.S. Soccer Foundation All-Stars" and we'll be featur...

As a Programs Coordinator involved in all things “Programs,” late summer/early fall is primarily devoted to training the amazing coach-mentors across the country that are involved in our Soccer for Success program. From hosting over 300 coaches during ...

Soccer for Success is back! The beginning of a new soccer season is always cause for celebration, and this year thousands of kids in more than 30 cities across the country are dusting off their cleats for another season of fun afterschool programming.



A Heartfelt Thank You

by Rob Kaler | September 16, 2014


There is no greater gift, to those that have dedicated their lives to educating/coaching youth, than for those whom they’ve mentored to acknowledge the impact those educators/coaches had - and continue to have - on their daily lives. 

I intentionally ...

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