Soccer for Success is like a home for me. All the coaches know you by name and always have good advice, they treat you like family.


Kirsty, 13

Since, I joined SFS it has encouraged me be more confident in other sports. I tried cross country and track. I feel like I do anything!


Karla Rodriguez, 16

Thanks to SFS I have lost 20 lbs. It has made me aware of my health and my eating habits. I refuse to drink soda and drink a lot of water. After joining SFS I have been elected to my soccer all star team.


Celeste Amaya, 11

I love soccer for success. Coach Jerry is fun and since joining the after school program I have lost weight. I miss SFS during the summer so much that me and my little brother decided to follow it to Expo until it comes back to Budlong.


Martin Luis, 11

It has changed the lives of my children, and my own. They want to go to the grocery store with me, so they can pick the healthy foods. They have lost weight and gained so much confidence and am so happy to have had SFS come into our lives. Thank you so much for everything.


Antonio Amaya

My kids begged for me to take them to Expo so they could participate in SFS because their session at Budlong ended. I have seen a real change in their eating habits and I am surprised at times when they ask for vegetables instead of chips.


Roberto Luis

I have two boys 7 and 8 years old, they are new to the sport, but I love watching them play and have fun. The great thing also is that they get to learn about healthier ways to eat. They always come home and are excited to talk to us about what they learned that day.


Randal Henry

You never realize how much effect you have on the kids until you see them outside of SFS. You can be at the grocery store or any other place and they recognize you and they are excited to just say hi to you. It’s heartwarming that they are just generally excited just to see you, it’s contagious. Am glad just to be part of their lives and am even more excited that I can share something fun and important with them, something that can affect them for the rest of their lives.


Lizeth Escobedo

Soccer for Success helps us as well as the kids to stay fit and active.


David Sandoval

[Soccer for Success] allows us to interact with kids in a safe and fun filled environment, all the while teaching them respect for others and most importantly respect for themselves.


David Juarez

Soccer for Success helps us deal with kids from all ages and races. Some with special needs and some that just need more attention than others. I enjoy the program because it has shown me how to deal with different types of kids. I have picked up tips and tricks that will help me deal with different types of kids from different backgrounds and also create an environment comfortable for all of them.


Janet Negrete

The impact we have on these kids is incomprehensible. To a max we save lives.


David Garcia

Afterschool kids are kids that need attention due to their parent’s absence, whether it’s due to neglect or parent’s excessive work hours these kids need attention but mostly love. The impact we have on these kids is tremendous. I always tell my coaches that the impact will last a life time. Kids will remember your name forever.


Pete Reyes


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